Bois d’Arc Lake is NOT open for recreation

Paying for Bois d’Arc Lake

Bois d’Arc Lake and the other projects are estimated to cost approximately $1.6 billion. This includes all planning, permitting, land acquisition, engineering, design, construction and mitigation fees. The project costs will be shared by the 80 communities who receive water from NTMWD. No tax revenues are being used for the reservoir.

The Texas Water Development Board has approved $1.477 billion in low interest State Water Implementation Fund for Texas (SWIFT) funding for Bois d’Arc Lake and associated projects. This SWIFT funding is anticipated to save NTMWD and ratepayers over $240 million in financing costs.

Passed by the Legislature and approved by Texas voters through a constitutional amendment, the SWIFT program provides low-interest loans, extended repayment terms, deferral of loan repayments and incremental repurchase terms for projects with state ownership aspects.

Bois d’Arc Lake Total Budget:

Expenditures to Date (as of April 2022) By Each Component:

Current Amounts Spent Compared with the Estimated Total Costs. (Figures are for construction costs only; do not include all project costs.)