Bois d’Arc Lake is NOT open for recreation

New Sources + Conservation = Water for our Future

While North Texas is a leader in the state at promoting water conservation, its projected population growth indicates that conservation and reuse alone cannot reliably meet community needs beyond 2021. Even with continued conservation, one-quarter of future supplies must come from new sources such as Bois d’Arc Lake. You can find tips on how to conserve and use water efficiently on the NTMWD website.

Water My Yard educates consumers on how much to water their yard based on real-time data on natural precipitation and weather conditions.

Water4Otter provides a fun way for students and their parents to learn about protecting our watershed. Since its inception, we’ve reached 17,500 students. About 78 percent of students who attend these programs remind parents to save water at home.

To further reuse its water supplies, NTMWD also constructed and operates one of the nation’s largest water-recycling wetlands to naturally filter flows from the Trinity River for future treatment and reuse.