Bois d’Arc Lake is NOT open for recreation

Construction Economic Benefits

The secure long-term water supply provided by Bois d’Arc Lake will benefit future generations and the vitality of the communities served by NTMWD. Construction of the lake and other related projects will also boost the local economy.

Construction Financial Benefits

An independent analysis by Clower, T. & Weinstein B.1 showed that the Bois d’Arc Lake would provide significant economic benefits to Fannin County, and more recent data (not incorporated into total projections) reveals that those benefits will likely be even greater than the findings below.


  • The building of Bois d’Arc Lake infrastructure was projected to increase economic activity in Fannin County by at least $509 million during construction.
  • Constructing the dam, pipes and treatment plant was estimated to boost economic activity in Fannin, Collin, Delta, Lamar, Grayson and Hunt Counties by $682 million.
  • Over the life of its construction, Bois d'Arc Lake is projected to create over 5,000 person years of employment and increase labor income by at least $165 million.

1 1. Clower, T. & Weinstein, B. (2012, revised January 2015), Update of the Economic, Fiscal, and Development Impacts of the Proposed Lower Bois d’Arc Reservoir Project.