Commitments to Fannin County

In addition to more than $20 million invested in improvements that has made the Bonham Water Treatment Plant a state-of-the-art facility, NTMWD has also agreed to:

  • Work closely with Fannin County officials to ensure we are a good partner before, during and after construction of the reservoir. We have committed to meet Fannin County’s water needs, protect water quality, cover lost tax revenues and treat impacted landowners fairly.
  • Ensure, when possible, that tax revenues of Fannin County and other local taxing entities, like school districts, are not impacted by the District’s purchase of property. The District will make every effort to offset any impacts until land values within Fannin County increase to the extent necessary to offset those impacts.
  • Provide potable water, or water suitable for drinking, to Fannin County water providers that request service, and to use the standard wholesale water rates in effect at the time of contract.
  • Pay for, develop, build, operate, own and maintain at least three recreation areas with boat ramps that offer public access to the reservoir.
  • Pay $50 million to rehabilitate or improve roads in Fannin County. NTMWD will extend FM 897 between Highway 82 and FM 1396 and build a bridge to provide north-south access over the lake.
  • Pay Fannin County nearly $1.9 million over 10 years due to the impact that increased traffic from development and recreation could have on county roads. Additionally, the District will pay for and construct a Fannin County-owned-and-operated road maintenance facility.
  • Pay for, develop, build, operate, own and maintain a Lake Operations Center that can be used for recreational and educational purposes and will include a nature area for public education and outreach on various environmental topics. The facility will also include a command center for emergency services.
  • Pay for Fannin County’s costs to acquire and maintain equipment and facilities necessary for police patrols of Bois d’Arc Lake including, but not limited to, boats and vehicles.

You can read more about our partnership with Fannin County in our agreement with them.