Construction of the Water Treatment Plant and Treated Water Pipeline

Construction on the Leonard Water Treatment Plant started in the fall of 2018. Major Phase I construction includes a 210-million-gallon terminal storage reservoir, a high service pump station initially capable of pumping 90 million gallons daily (MGD) initially, and biologically active filtration and ozonation water treatment facilities. Additional work includes creating access roads to the site, connecting power and water and building maintenance facilities. When complete in 2022, the Leonard Treated Water Pump Station (housed at the treatment plant site) will use six massive pumps to initially move up to 70 MGD of treated water to NTMWD member and customer cities.

Future site expansions include the construction of a second 210-million-gallon terminal storage reservoir and second high service pump station for a total pumping capacity of 330 MGD. Expansions of the treated water pump station would increase its capability to around 280 MGD.

Twenty-five miles of new treated water pipe will also be laid to move clean water from the plant to cities via NTMWD’s existing distribution system. Work on the treated water pipeline is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2020.