Acting with Environmental Responsibility

“Building a water supply is smart development and we can do smart development and protect the environment at the same time. Our team is focused on building an environmentally responsible project and continuing to provide a reliable water supply to residents and businesses for decades to come. The future of North Texas depends on it.”—Tom Kula

While Bois d’Arc Lake will provide an invaluable water source for millions of North Texans, creating the lake will cover thousands of acres of natural habitat. To address and help counteract the loss of this habitat, as well as the impact to some local streams from construction of the lake, NTMWD is improving more than 17,000 acres at two sites, Riverby Ranch and the Upper Bois d’Arc Creek.

Wetlands part of the Bois d’Arc Lake mitigation project shaped into NTMWD logo

Mitigation will include:

  • Planting more than 5 million trees
  • Over 8,500 acres of wetland restoration and enhancement in Fannin and Lamar Counties
  • Restoring or enhancing over 3,200 acres of native grassland
  • Restoring or enhancing over 2,600 acres of forests
  • Restoring or enhancing over 70 miles of streams

RES, the District’s full service mitigation provider, will continue to maintain, measure and monitor the success of this mitigation for up to 20 years after it is complete.

Photos of Mitigation Work Near Bois d'Arc Lake: