Reservoir and Raw Water Pump Station

Building Bois d'Arc Lake requires:

  • Creating an earthen dam to block the flow of water from several creeks that will flow into the reservoir, including Bois d’Arc Creek and Honey Grove Creek. During construction, the creeks will be diverted around the earthen dam area. 
  • Clearing trees in the reservoir area and grass/top soil at the dam’s foundation before construction on the earthen dam begins. 
  • Digging up nearby soil to create the dam. 
  • Applying soil cement to the reservoir floor to prevent erosion affecting water quality and clarity. 
  • Building a 110-foot-tall concrete intake tower and pump station to push water from the lake through 35 miles of pipeline to a new treatment plant in Leonard.

When complete, the dam will be about two-miles-long and 90-feet-tall.  The lake will be 16,641 surface acres, or approximately 26 square miles in size, and will provide a firm yield of 108 million gallons per day (MGD).

The goal of NTMWD is to begin storing water in Bois d’Arc Lake in late 2020. It may take 24 months or longer to fill the reservoir to an adequate level before water delivery can begin. The District expects to begin delivering water by 2022.

Additional Components

A 110-foot-tall concrete intake tower, pump station and raw water pipeline must also be constructed before the water can be used.

The tower and nearby pump station will move water out of and away from the reservoir.  Thirty-five miles of 90-inch diameter pipe will transport this water from the lake to a new water treatment plant being built on 1,000 acres just west of the city of Leonard.

Photos of Work on the Bois d'Arc Lake Reservoir: