Approximately 60 miles of pipelines are being installed to connect Bois d’Arc Lake to the NTMWD regional water system.

Two Key Sections of Pipeline Will Be Installed

  1.  A raw water pipeline to transport lake water to treatment facility.
  2.  A treated water pipeline to move clean water to a distribution system that serves NTMWD member and customer cities.

Raw Water Pipeline

The 90-inch raw water pipeline will run 35 miles from the Bois d’Arc Lake dam to a new water treatment plant in Leonard.

Work on the raw water pipeline began in spring of 2019 and is expected to wrap up the summer of 2021.

Construction and Impacts

  • The pipeline crosses approximately 120 different properties.
  • 9 smaller roads are being closed and/or improved.
  • A new section of FM 897 is being constructed along with a new bridge across the reservoir.

Since pipeline construction will use state and county roads outside of the reservoir work area, you are encouraged to use caution. Traffic on these roads will be higher than normal due to construction deliveries.

For more info, check out construction updates and alerts.

Photos of Work on the Raw (Untreated) Water Pipeline:


Treated Water Pipeline

Twenty-five miles of new treated water pipe will be installed to move clean water from the Leonard Water Treatment Plant into the NTMWD existing distribution system. From there it is delivered to NTMWD member and customer cities.

Construction and Impacts

  • The pipeline crosses 106 different properties. Property owners of impacted pipeline easements have already been contacted directly.
  • Construction will temporarily close a number of smaller county roads for short periods.
  • Crews will tunnel under Highway 78 in two locations (without closing the road). No expected impacts to motorists.
  • Some county roads close to the pipeline will experience increased traffic during construction. Please use caution when driving in these areas.

For more info and details on upcoming construction, visit construction updates and alerts.

What to Expect During Pipeline Construction

Our top priority during construction is keeping the public and our crews safe. We are working directly with property owners and with the surrounding community to minimize and address noise, dust, traffic and other construction impacts wherever possible.

What you can expect during construction:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.