Bois d’Arc Lake is NOT open for recreation

Leonard Water Treatment Plant

Although it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, NTMWD’s newest plant is central to the “why” behind Bois d’Arc Lake. The plant will treat and deliver the lake’s water for communities across North Texas.

“Raw” or untreated water from Bois d’Arc Lake will enter the treatment plant after traveling southwest through 35 miles of pipeline. The water will be treated using state-of-the-art ozone and biological filtration technology. Six massive pumps will propel the water from the Leonard Water Treatment Plant pump station through 25 miles of pipeline to the existing distribution system for NTMWD member and customer cities.

Treatment Plant Status:

Construction on the Leonard Water Treatment Plant started in the fall of 2018, and Phase I is anticipated to be complete by Spring 2023. When completed, the plant will  have the capacity to provide up to 70 million gallons per day (MGD) of treated water. The final stages of construction include rigorous testing of each treatment component before all of them are connected to one another and tested again.

Photos of Construction on Leonard Water Treatment Plant:


Major Phase I construction includes:

  • A 210-million-gallon terminal storage reservoir.
  • A high service pump station initially capable of pumping 90 MGD.
  • Biologically active filtration and ozonation water treatment facilities.
  • Access roads to the site, connecting power and water and building maintenance facilities.

Future site additions will include:

  • A second 210-million-gallon terminal storage reservoir.
  • A second high service pump station (for a total pumping capacity of 330 MGD).
  • Expansions of the total treatment capacity (up to 280 MGD).