Virtual Public Information Meeting - Pipeline Construction

Construction Alerts, Schedule and Status

See below for construction updates and a detailed timeline of the lake and other projects.

Treated Water Pipeline

Thank you to everyone who attended our treated water pipeline virtual meeting on June 16. This meeting covered the different phases of pipeline construction, which roads would be impacted by construction and what those nearby could expect to see during construction. You can watch a recording of the meeting below to learn exactly what information was shared.

Upcoming Work on the Pipeline

  • June: Pipe and aggregate deliveries are underway.
  • July: Installation of the pipeline is scheduled to begin after July 1 (date TBD).

Below is a map of construction traffic routes and expected construction impacts during pipeline construction.

Treated Water Pipeline Route and Road Impacts

Other Construction Alerts

The North Texas Municipal Water District is investing more than $50 million to construct or improve roads in Fannin County. This work includes approximately 6.2 miles of new FM 897 from U.S. 82 to FM 1396, including 1.3-mile-long bridge over the future Bois d’Arc Lake.

Nearly a dozen county roads will be temporarily closed while construction crews work to improve those roads. Some roads in the county, including a portion of FM 1396, will be permanently closed due to their location in the reservoir footprint.

Your safety is our top priority. Please use caution when driving near work zones and construction vehicles. NTMWD and our contractors are committed to completing the construction as quickly and efficiently as possible while working with local community leaders and representatives to mitigate impacts to local traffic.

Completed and Reopened Projects (Updated April 15, 2020)

CR 2610: New bridge at a higher elevation and embankment improvements at the Timber Creek crossing.

CR 2610: New bridge at a higher elevation about a half-mile north of CR 2602 intersection.

CR 2625: Shortened the road at the Thomas Branch crossing due to future lake levels.

CR 2680: New bridge at a higher elevation.

CR 2985: Rerouted the road to FM 1396 south of Bois d’Arc Creek due to future lake levels.

Temporary Road Closures (Updated June 15, 2020)

CR 2700: Closed for a half-mile, approximately two miles north of FM 1396 intersection. Expected to reopen in Summer of 2020.

CR 2750: between FM 1396 and CR 2765 closed for a new bridge at Allen’s Creek. Expected to reopen in Summer of 2020.

CR 2980: Closed at the Ward Creek crossing. Expected to reopen in Summer of 2020.

Permanent Road Closures

FM 1396: Will be closed at Bois d’Arc Creek northwest and southeast to the 541-foot elevation level. Expected to close when FM 897 opens in late 2020.

CR 2630: Starting approximately 1.25 miles southeast from its intersection with CR 2615 and extending to its current dead end.

CR 2655: From approximately 745 feet west of CR 2670 to FM 1396.

CR 2670: From CR 2655 to approximately 750 feet north of CR 2655.

CR 2728: Starting at CR 2730 and extending to its current dead end.

CR 2902: Starting approximately 2,450 feet west from its current intersection with CR 2900 and extending approximately an additional 300 feet to the west to its current dead end.

CR 2917: Starting at CR 2975 and extending approximately 1,980 feet to the west.

CR 2955: Starting approximately 3,900 feet west from its intersection with CR 2960 and extending approximately 1,650 feet to the west.