Bois d’Arc Lake Area Improvements

To address and help counteract the loss of this natural habitat and impacts to some local streams for the construction of the lake, NTMWD is improving nearly 17,000 acres at two sites including Riverby Ranch, and the Upper Bois d’Arc Creek.

Mitigation will include:

  • Planting more than 5 million trees
  • Establishing 2,500 acres of herbaceous plants
  • Introducing 3,000 acres of native grassland
  • Planting another 8,000 acres of aquatic plants
  • Improving 70 miles of the Red River along several tributaries

NTMWD contractors are also harvesting over 200 acres of trees and root-balls from the lake footprint to successfully vegetate these areas. The District will continue to maintain, measure and monitor the success of this mitigation for up to 20 years after it is complete.

The District will also install recreational amenities at the new lake. At least three recreation areas with boat ramps will be built to offer public access to the reservoir. The District will work with Fannin County on any potential future improvements they may plan.