Water Quality

Protecting water quality is extremely important to the North Texas Municipal Water District. In fact, the District’s top priority is keeping drinking water safe, which we do in a variety of ways from testing to watershed protection.

At our state certified lab in Wylie,  we continuously monitor and test an average of 685 water samples every day that meet or exceed state and federal standards. Learn more about how we maintain high water quality.

Healthy watersheds are vital not only for the District but also local communities. A watershed is a an area that drains water into one location such as a stream or lake, which in turn can provide water for drinking, agriculture, recreation or plants and wildlife. Healthy watersheds are crucial because they can help reduce flooding and erosion impacts, and filter sediments and contaminants from water before it enters storage or recreation areas. We manage watersheds carefully to not only protect and improve water quality, but also to protect habitats that support plants, animals and recreation. Learn more about how the District works to protect watersheds.

Bois d’Arc Lake’s watershed consists of approximately 327 square miles and includes parts of Fannin and Grayson Counties. Through efforts such as the development of a Watershed Protection Plan and a Shoreline Management Plan for Bois d’Arc Lake, NTMWD is working with local partners to identify and implement strategies for protecting water quality and supporting the use of Bois d’Arc Lake as both a water supply and recreational resource.