Purchasing Land for the Bois d'Arc Lake

NTMWD has purchased all of the land for Bois d’Arc Lake. The District has also purchased easements for pipeline construction. An easement is a right of an individual, company or agency to use the property of another person for a specific purpose. The property owner retains ownership of the land and can use it as long as that use does not interfere with the easement rights granted to NTMWD. If the landowner sells the property at a later date, the rights and responsibilities under the easement pass unchanged to the new owner. Around 225 parcels are directly impacted by the pipeline construction, and all landowners involved have been/are being fairly compensated.  The District is also communicating with property owners to keep them apprised of construction progress.

NTMWD always strives to work cooperatively with property owners and compensate them fairly when purchasing property or an easement, and will only use eminent domain as a last resort. In cases when eminent domain is used, Texas state law requires a third party appointed through a court proceeding to determine compensation.