Shoreline Management Plan

Bois d’Arc Lake will be a crown jewel of Texas water supply reservoirs providing a vital water supply to nearly 80 growing communities across North Texas including those in Fannin County. Recreational and economic opportunities are two other additional benefits this new water source will provide the region.

To achieve the primary purpose of the reservoir while supporting these additional benefits, the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) is developing a Shoreline Management Plan that will establish guidelines and requirements for development adjacent to and over the lake’s shoreline.

Future Construction and Recreation Use

NTMWD will manage the allowed uses in each shoreline zone through shoreline use agreements. In general, the Shoreline Management Plan will:

  • Allow the District to maintain a high-quality drinking water source while supporting economic and recreational benefits for the region;
  • Provide a shared vision for the lake and its proper use;
  • Create shoreline zones to help NTMWD properly consider and balance different factors affecting the lake and shoreline; and
  • Promote appropriate and safe recreational uses.

NTMWD staff gave a presentation on the Shoreline Management Plan to the Board of Directors at a July 2020 meeting. Download the presentation. This presentation is a draft document. The District’s Board is reviewing the plan and will vote to approve it at a future meeting. The plan will not be official until the board approves it.

Once the Board approves the Shoreline Management Plan, staff will develop the processes and systems needed to implement it. By working together, the District, Fannin County, local residents, and visitors can help ensure the lake provides a high-quality drinking water supply for North Texas while developing it as a safe and enjoyable recreational amenity for the entire region.

Planning for Lake and Shoreline Use

The Bois d’Arc Lake Shoreline Management Plan will guide use of the shoreline up to the 100-year flood level (541 ft. elevation). Bois d’Arc Lake’s shore will be carefully analyzed and placed into zones based on a variety of factors, including each section’s:

  • Soil type and slope;
  • Water depth, wind and wave action;
  • Access to open water
  • Adjacent future land use identified by Fannin County;
  • Proximity to the dam and operational facilities;
  • Environmentally sensitive areas; and,
  • Wildlife habitat areas

Activities allowed in each zone will be determined based on these characteristics as well as the county’s comprehensive plan.

History of Partnering with Fannin County

The District’s Shoreline Management Plan is the next step in a long cooperative process between NTMWD and Fannin County. In 2011, with the support of NTMWD and Fannin County, the state amended the Texas Local Government Code to grant Fannin County the authority to zone the area within 5,000 feet of the lake’s shoreline. In October of 2016, the Fannin County Commissioners Court approved the County’s Comprehensive Plan for Lower Bois d’Arc Creek Reservoir, now known as Bois d’Arc Lake. This comprehensive plan, which included a robust public process, established a vision for how the land around Bois d’Arc Lake’s shoreline should develop. Two years later, Fannin County officials approved the lake’s zoning regulations.

Steps to Creating & Implementing the Shoreline Management Plan: