As the newest major reservoir in Texas, Bois d’Arc Lake has been decades in the making. Follow us for continued updates and news about this vital resource for our North Texas region.

Bois d'Arc Lake Stories


Bois d’Arc Lake Now Open for Recreation

Recent rainfall totals allow sufficient lake levels for public access

The North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) officially opened Bois d’Arc Lake for public access today. Bois d’Arc Lake is located northeast of Bonham in Fannin County and is the newest major reservoir in Texas.  <<read more>>


Bois d’Arc Lake Environmental Mitigation Restores Former Industrial Cattle Ranch to Thriving Forests and Wetlands

By Galen Roberts

On the former Riverby Ranch, the wildlife is coming back. In fact, multiple bird and animal species can be found everywhere across the marshes and native grasslands that make up what used to be a heavily active cattle ranch. Now, populations of native birds, reptiles, pollinator insects and even small mammals have an area of wildland the size of 11,000 consecutive football fields to call home. This is because of the largest contiguous environmental restoration project of its kind in North America.  <<read more>>


Bois d’Arc Lake’s Completion Marks Major Milestone in NTWMD’s Long-Range Water Supply Planning Efforts

By R.J. Muraski

Bois d’Arc Lake, Texas’ first major reservoir in nearly 30 years, is already providing water for the North Texas Municipal Water District’s Member Cities and Customers. The lake’s firm yield of 82 million gallons of water per day—the maximum amount of water that can be delivered during a record drought—serves as a cornerstone of our long-range planning efforts. <<read more>>


Productive Partnerships in Fannin County Help Ensure Success of Bois d’Arc Lake Project

By Billy George

Projects such as Bois d’Arc Lake span multiple jurisdictions, including federal, state, county, and municipal organizations, and require building mutually beneficial partnerships. As the steward of Bois d’Arc Lake, the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) prioritized local partnerships to ensure public well-being now and in the future. Together, these partnerships create successful solutions for our growing region that no single entity could provide on its own. <<read more>>