Bois d’Arc Lake is NOT open for recreation

Building the Bois d’Arc Lake Project

Constructing a reservoir to provide clean water is a complex, multi-step process. Numerous individual components must be completed and operated together as one system to collect, divert, carry, clean and deliver treated water.

NTMWD has built/is constructing the following key components, each with their own construction contracts, permits and schedules. These include:

  1. Construction of the reservoir dam and intake that transfers water from the lake to the raw water pump station
  2. Installation of raw water pipelines
  3. Various roadway and bridge improvements plus construction of a bridge across the reservoir
  4. Environmental mitigation on 17,000+ acres

Several other components will help clean, treat and distribute water from Bois d’Arc Lake to the NTMWD service area.

  1. Construction of a high service pump station, water treatment plant and terminal storage reservoir
  2. Installation of treated water pipeline to expand the regional water system and deliver water from the new treatment plant

NTMWD began storing water in Bois d’Arc Lake in April of 2021. It may take 24 months or longer to fill the reservoir. The District expects to begin delivering water late in 2022.